new beginnings: akosmed

Cement Seedling

I am humbled to report, that after a series of restless nights and with the much needed support of friends and colleagues, I have somewhat reluctantly arrived at this inevitable conclusion:

It’s time to start a blog.

For the last three years, I’ve dabbled (and occasionally cannonballed) in the intersection between wellness and medicine. It began innocuously enough–jumping on the residency wellness committee as an intern, climbing to chair of the committee for two years, then becoming the faculty advisor for the committee as new attending. Then I helped to write a small section on litigation stress. And went to a few national committee meetings. And then decided that I should create a wellness curriculum for medical students. And wrote a few more wellness things. Eventually I found myself reading (on my own time) books and web articles on work-life balance, ranting about the culture of busy-ness, and finally feeling like maybe I should start writing some more of this down.

So here it is.

Welcome to new beginnings.

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