Make March Your Meditation Month

Holistic Health from Hoboken


Meditation came into my life about ten years ago when I was going through an especially tough time. Dealing with stress and anxiety I turned to any and all remedies that promised to help ease my nerves.  After many trips to the library trying out different meditation CD’s, I gave up.  Most of my time meditating was spent watching my racing thoughts and it left me feeling even more frustrated.  Over the next ten years I meditated off and on hoping for some transcendental ah-ha moment.   While that “moment” never came, a deep love for meditation slowly developed over time as I became more and more aware of the subtle changes I was experiencing.

Meditating has brought so much peace and abundance into my life as well as an awareness of what the yogis refer to as the “true self.”  Being in touch with yourself while maintaining stillness creates a sense of calm…

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