Daily Practice Journal


INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out the table below for each day. Include the time of day, duration of the meditation session, where it took place, and the method used. Feel free to practice in any way that feels comfortable for you. You may practice more than once each day. Moments of mindfulness during the day count as meditation sessions as well. Record any notable thoughts, distractions, or themes in the notes column. Write with as much or as little detail as you like. If you miss a day, simply write “missed” in the notes column. An example is shown below:

Date Time Duration Location Method Notes
7/1 9:30PM 2 min My room Breathing Was really hard to concentrate, kept thinking about how I was really late this morning, also was really tired
7/4 8PM 2 min My room Body scan Easier to focus with body scan

REQUIREMENTS: You are expected to practice at least 75% of the days of the rotation (21 out of 28 days). The MEM curriculum director will regularly review your journal to track your progress.

Happy meditating!

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